Eighth Grade English/Literature

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Where I'm From Poetry

I am from well-spent Christmases long, long ago.
From bringing up the radio to getting the ornaments out of the attic.
I am from gloriously decorating our beautiful Christmas tree.
I am from going for long sled rides in the cold of the evening,
From coming inside and smelling or tasting the warm hot chocolate.
I am from living with a strongly built family!

I come from a big back yard and two playful dogs.
I come from church on Saturday nights with my dad.
I come from Christmas Eve at my Uncle Chuck's every year.
I come from building snow castles with my brother on snowy days.
I come from painting Easter eggs with my nana for the Easter bunny. And waking up on Easter Morning to find them. Alexis

I'm from farming in the fall with the windy winds and the soybean dust all over your skin.
It itches so bad but you don't want to itch because it makes it worse and it hurts your skin.
You work so hard to get the crops out so they don't get wiped out or fall down.

I'm from the yearly visit to the pumpkin patch,
From picking out the perfect pumpkin.
I'm from carving pumpkins before Halloween night,
From Dad cutting the top off
And me getting orange goo all over my arm!
I'm from picking out the perfect costume,
From going trick-or-treating to as many houses as we can.
I'm from going to Grandma's house last
From visiting with them, drinking cider, and sorting my candy out!